Make a noise



Did you ever want to show your thoughts and didnt know how ?
Now you can !!

This app provides you with the ability
to act by following 3 simple steps.

Features :

1. All languages support (native hebrew and arabic).
2. 92 fonts.
3. Unique color picker.
4. Save & load messages with no limit.
5. Preview your message font and colors.

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CUEplayer allow you to split long music files and postcast into separate tracks by creating CUE file.
The CUE file act as regular playlist and allow you all the regular player controls like shuffle and repeat.
The CUE files stay attached to the audio files and can edit on your computer.



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TcpIP Ports

Tcp/ip Ports is a must have tool for every network administrator. but this is not like any other tcp\ip port list! this application will allow you to edit the list including removing and adding new ports.
you can change or add descriptions, search tags , notes and URL links to related sites.
the search options are great! you can search by key word inside the description, notes or tag.
searching by port number allow you to get a single entry or a range of ports.
need to share piece of information? no problem! with TcpPorts you can share content by mail.all these features are packed inside well designed, easy to use app… for free!
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